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Here it is!  I always believe that the latest thing I've produced is the best. is the masterpiece: with artwork by the best artists Kingston has to offer.

Short stories ranging from 500 word quickies to a novella.  Science fiction and the paranormal and just some really odd stuff. cover by Landon White

Now available at the Kindle store. 

If Phillip K. Dick wrote young adult fiction, it may have been something like this.  Cover art by Mike Chella

Now At Amazon! Asylum Scrawls By my mentor, Hunter Shea, with contributing story by me and art work by Mike Chella.




Brand new!  Now available for the Kindle.  Short novel: Free Ollie

Crazy sea adventure based loosely upon the story of Keiko the Whale, the animal star of the movie Free Willie.  Follow Reggie Cage through the Farallon Islands to the world of Hollywood to the frigid North Sea in his reluctant, disasterously Melvillian pursuit.     


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